Establishment of a Smart Community Team

Jul. 22. 2011
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation has established a "Smart Community Team" within the Overseas Power Projects Dept I. We will be establishing a smart community business model taking into consideration power generation which we have a strong foothold traditionally, renewable energy, infrastructure, urban planning, transportation, information technology and will expand this business model worldwide.

Under the target to reduce CO2 emission in each country, renewable energy which is expected to contribute to reduce the emission, is expanding rapidly. One of the dominant renewable energy, wind power has to be able to change its power output depending on the wind condition which has a big impact to the electric power system. Also in some countries, it is important to improve the existing old electric power system as soon as possible. And in the future, it will be important to control power systems which will be impacted by the charging of electric vehicles Household solar power systems which will become more popular in the future, therefore increasing the need for structured a general control and management methods and systems of upstream and downstream of the power generation  and transmission. In the end, we believe that energy demand control of households, buildings, factories, and next generation transportation modes  such as electrical vehicles will be combined and the introduction of smart grid platforms  in each country will be rapidly promoted.

In order to respond to such market environment as  well as  to respond to the needs from   markets such as governments and power companies based on our outstanding experience   and  vast knowledge base in the power sector, we have established a specialized organization for smart grid related  business within our Power Projects & Infrastructure Division. We will be investigating and looking to participate in the smart grid business field where approximately 350 Billion USD market volume is foreseen in by 2020.

About us:

Marubeni EPC experience : installed more that 90,000 MW worldwide.
Marubeni IPP experience : more than 8,500 MW net.
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